mind expansion cd MIND EXPLOSION 12" Vinyl EP

A1 The Procession
A2 Hozomeen

AA1 Kolorskope
AA2 Seraph
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The first in the “Mind” series of CD releases. The ideal place to start your journey into the world of Psyilocybin Sounds.
Featuring bands from around the globe, all with their own inimitable style.
1. Rocking Horse People - Lost In The Haze
2. The December Sound - Reminder
3. The Pink Snowflakes - It’s Snowing On TV
4. The Vera Violets - Lighthead Crash
5. Andersens - Prepared Landscapes
6. We Yes You No - Hello Square One
7. The First Communion Afterparty - The Mini Apple
8. The Real Burnouts - Witch Switch
9. The Upside Down - Drag Race
10. The Sparkling Fountains Of Magic Reality - I Want You
11. Sunsplit - The Need
12. Silvertone - Something Fierce
13. The Astral Kaleidoscope - Song For The Dandylion
14. The Fassbinders - Ballad Of Beatnik Billy
15. Rollercoaster - Can You Feel It
16. The Laurels - Bring On The Sun
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The second release in the “Mind” series and the journey continues. We move up a gear diving further into the world of Psyilocybin Sounds.
Again we have a myriad of sounds from the globe with some of the bands becoming household names in the world of psychedelic music.
1. Blue Sunshine Minds - Colour Blind
2. Bad Liquor Pond - Autopilot
3. Sky Parade - Feel My Love
4. The Volta Sound - We’ll Be Fine
5. Flavor Crystals - Checker Board
6. The Black Ryder - Let It Go
7. The Asteroid #4 - Century Girl
8. HeadQuarters - FeeLove
9. The Pandas - High Birds
10. Rocking Horse People - Already Dead
11. Mellow Drunk - If Only I Could Change
12. Sun Blindness - A Crack In The Concrete
13. White Noise Sound - Blood
14. The Laurels - Until The End
15. The Quarter After - Know Me When I’m Gone
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The third release in the “Mind” series and up the ante with a selection of bands second to none in the world of psychedelic music. This critically acclaimed album helped Psyilocybin Sounds to get the recognition it richly deserved with selected tracks featured on BBC 6 music and the label winning DIY label of the week on Huw Stephens’ “Introducing” shown on BBC Radio 1.
1. House Of Fire - Windows And Doors
2. The Young Sinclairs - Up Against The Wall
3. The Three 4 Tens - All The Pretty Girls
4. The Saffron Sect - Phosphorous Flash
5. The Lucid Dream - Love In My Veins
6. The Blue Angel Lounge - The God
7. Spirit Vine - 1122
8. The Early Days - Flowers
9. The Sounds Of Kaleidoscope - Cicada Song
10. Rocking Horse People - Circle Gets The Square
11. Love Parade - Six Months
12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thought Of You (Too)
13. The Laurels - Soul Arising
14. The Keys - Bad Dreams
15. The Myrrors - Cross Amber Antlers
16. Flavor Crystals - Home Wreckers
17. The Koolaid Electric Company - Invasion On The Skys
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